Saturday, October 20, 2018

I Like This

NYPD coppers are now required to give their full names and ranks when they stop people on the street. Also - the officers are now required to give out business cards.

Probably the best thing, and maybe the only good thing, to come out of Mayor de Blasio's administration.



  1. We were pulled over in NYC in a rental car one time for making a right turn at a red light after the stop- I didn't know that was illegal in NY. In Cali & many other states, it is not. The cop only gave me a warning when he could have easily written me a ticket. He was very nice & polite. That's the only interaction I've ever had with NYPD. Nevertheless this is a good thing for police accountability that theyrthey're required to ID themselves. I hope the public doesn't make the stupid kusyaje of assuming that that same responsibility applies to them. It does not.

    4th Amendment protections, regarding law enforcement's demand for ID

  2. When i was acop, this was policy. I worked for a sheriff's office, and had a great relationship with the people of our county. We always got good feedback from folks that got a card. Kept us polite too,I'm sure.

  3. Are they also required to send flowers to the funerals of those who have an altercation with the business end of their firearms?