Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hillary Clinton Quips 'They All Look Alike' After Interviewer Mixes Up Cory Booker and Eric Holder

She is being snarky anti-Trump here. The left is going to love it. She's running.


  1. Probably the most honest thing she's ever said.

  2. Taken in context, it's clear that it's sarcasm aimed at the white interviewer. Tucker Carlson made a big deal too, and it's disingenuous to ignore her obvious, glib sarcasm.

    1. I agree with you, but a non-left-winger would be crucified even if they delivered the exact same line with the exact same connotation.

      I think she wants to run, but no one in their right mind thinks she'll get traction. She basically was the only Dem candidate that Trump could beat in the last election. I think Bernie would have beat Trump as he has the same anti-trade positions that gave Trump the rust belt.

    2. The left almost always ignores clear sarcasm, parody, and all forms of humor when uttered by those it does not like or those it simply feels are targets of sport. Not only do they ignore humor they will outright change or eliminate context to construct a new meaning when they can.

  3. She's like Michael Jackson getting wheeled out for one last tour. Maybe they can just get hologram Hillary to run.