Sunday, October 21, 2018

Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) On Ron Paul, The Problem Libertarians Have and How He Became a Libertarian

I am at Politicon Los Angeles 2018, which is a political convention that brings in politicos from across the political spectrum to speak. Glenn Jacobs is here as well as Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Chris Christie, Tucker Carlson and also Joe Wilson, Micahel Avenatti, Lawrence O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin and James Carville.

Jacob is the recently elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, who previously wrestled in the WWE under the name "Kane."

He ran as a Republican but holds strong libertarian views. I talked to him about the problems libertarians have, how he became a libertarian and about Ron Paul.

I should add that during the interview (see below) he rattled off a number of libertarian books that have influenced him. This, alone, from my perspective, makes him a better Libertarian Party presidential candidate than Gary Johnson, who many of you will recall, had trouble naming any libertarian book when asked.

Jacobs is the real deal



  1. Wow, he really is the real deal. Incisive, thoughtful answers...not a talking point or boilerplate phrase among them...

  2. Learn from Kane and Ron Paul: Join the Republican Party and run for office if you are a libertarian. Don't wank off in an echo chamber with the freaks.