Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Finally, A Woman Posing as a Feminist and Portrayed as Evil

From a New York Post review of the final season of “House of Cards”:
“House of Cards” is not the same without its star. Frank’s sarcastic asides to the camera made his chicanery delicious. Even though he was diabolical, his (at times unbelievable) ability to outwit his rivals, silence his detractors and stay on top made his fellow politicos look mighty slow on the uptake. We are left, instead, with the humorless Claire, who cleverly disguises her bottomless narcissism as a triumph of feminist ideals.
 This ploy results in one major victory (and plot twist) for her, but the second President Underwood, with her guillotine-blade haircut, proves she is no friend to her fellow woman when she embroils her press secretary in the death of her former lover, Tom Yates (Paul Sparks), whom Claire poisoned.

The final episodes will be released on Netflix this Friday, November 2.


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