Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cui Bono?

UPDATE below:  FBI closing in on bomb suspect

Butler Shaffer writes to Lew Rockwell:
I was thinking yesterday, what sort of catastrophe or other tragic event might the Established Order dream up to affect the upcoming election? And then I awoke to this morning’s news: pipe-bombs – none of which apparently went off – sent to all the anti-Trump people!  The ancient Romans – along with Rothbard – would have figured out which question to ask: “cui bono”, who would have benefitted from such an act? Boobus Americanus is so hopelessly innocent when it comes to understanding the duplicitous nature of all political behavior.  “Provocateuring” is not even in the vocabulary.
It is probably just a lone nutjob but here are direct beneficiaries, since the pipe bombs have taken the killing of Jamal Khashoggi off the front pages:

Muhammed bin Salman

Jared Kushner

Israel (Since it helps keep the Saudi-US-Israeli Axis of evil intact)

The military-industrial-complex

I wouldn't eliminate any of these from my suspects list.




  1. Why wouldn’t Soros be on that list?

  2. Since your posts don't have a "thumbs up" option, just wanted to say, I think it's hilarious that you included Jared Kushner on the "suspects list" in the bombing investigation... LMAO! 😅

  3. FBI issues arrest warrant for Julian Assange

  4. The Caravan aka Committee to Re Elect the President (according to S.Sailer) got left off the list.