Sunday, October 21, 2018

Chris Christie: Why We Must Protect Israel

Chris Christie at Politicon
Chris Christie was a large presence at Day 1 of Politicon, appearing on multiple panels.

The convention started off with Christie in a Q & A with Elsie Jordan, MSNBC/NBC news analyst, asking the questions.

When asked about the disappearance of the Saudi Jamal bin Salman, Christie gave the colorful response, "You are not supposed to walk into any building and not walk out."

And then went onto say that in the middle east "Our guiding star is Israel" and that the first consideration for the United States in the region must be to protect Israel.

I caught up with him after the Q&A and asked him why he said what he said about Israel.

He said that  Israel was the only democracy in the region and also that the United States had a "special relationship" with Israel.

I followed up with this question:
So you reject George Washington's advice in his farewell address to not meddle in the affairs of other countries?
He looked directly at me and replied:
I don't think that applies to the Israeli situation. 


  1. It's as honest a response as one will ever get

  2. Obviously if you don't support Israel than you're a nazi who wants another Holocaust.

  3. Two points:

    - Israel didn't exist when George Washington was alive, so naturally he would have thought differently if Israel had existed in 1789.

    - Who the hell is "we"? Is he talking about himself and the mouse in his pocket? If that's the case, protect Israel until the cows come home. If he means the rest of "us" Americans, he can count me out. No, thank you, sir.

  4. Did you record video of this exchange ?