Monday, October 1, 2018

Cheering "Justice" By Coercion, in Boston

Trump blowback continues. The nutty Left is energized.


  1. I think it’s great when the socialist start letting their anger out. They start to get caught up in it and they look ugly.
    You can see the Darth Sidious in her. And people pick up on it, and I think it scares the majority off. Sure it ramps up the other ugly socialist, but that’s a good thing I think.

    1. Boy is she an ugly socialist! I hope you're right, that they are just a minority. I sometimes think, Josh, that we get somewhat cocooned up here in Alaska and it's difficult to tell what's really going on in Nuttyland (the Lower 48).

    2. you are correct Rick, and I wouldn’t live anywhere in lower 48 ‘Murica. Target Liberty reminds me of why on a daily basis.

  2. A friend of a friend is running for Windsor Town Council up in California's Wine Country. I think he's 29 or 30 and is probably a very strong indicator of what will be coming to a town near you sometime soon. Everyone here should get a kick out of this. Considering the fact that this community was hit by a serious fire a year ago and housing is already in short supply, the result of his program should be hilariously tragic. Here we go:

    "I'm running for Windsor Town Council in order to support working families and marginalized communities. Here are my specific goals in order to accomplish that:

    1. Pass comprehensive rent control that prevents unethical rent hikes.

    2. Regulate short-term rental properties, which do nothing to alleviate the demand for housing.

    3. Cease approval for all residential properties that aren't accessible to working-class families.

    4. Establish an office of tenant services, which will ensure any abuse by landlords or rental companies can be properly reported by all Windsor residents.

    5. Raise the minimum wage in Windsor to $21 an hour, which will allow those working full time to afford to spend half their income on rent (the average rental in Windsor costs $1450), and half their income on other necessities, plus build up savings.

    6. Ensure all commercial development is built by companies with either unionized labor, or labor with comparable compensation and benefits.

    7. Establish an office of immigrant services, which will ensure support and safety for our immigrant community, regardless of documented status.

    By seeking these changes, we can ensure that the town of Windsor remains accessible for all for years to come. If the idea of a town for everyone resonates with you, please consider voting for me for Windsor Town Council."

    Bring on the prosperity!

  3. I wonder if she really wants “Justice for all” and if she believes the policies she endorses will help bring “Justice for all”? More likely she is just another political demagogue. I’m not sure which is worse. Either way that little snippet caused my stomach to turn a bit. That big mouth shrilling out “Justice”. Every non sociopath can get behind those words. It’s what is behind her words that I can’t get behind.

  4. Ladies like her will be the Republican politicians after the third-world hordes arrived.