Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Another Major Lefty Anarchist Arson Attack in Oakland?

A massive five-alarm fire broke out early this morning at a multi-story, six-building complex under construction in Oakland.

Oakland Deputy Fire Chief Nick Luby said four of the six buildings under construction were completely destroyed.

This is the sixth major residential construction fire in Oakland since 2012. There were three last year. alone. (On a major 2017 fire, see: Massive Fire in Oakland Could Be the Work of Radical Anti-Growth Activists)

Oakland is, of course, a hotbed of extreme lefty radicalism including lefty "black anarchists" who literally want to see the entire current societal structure collapse. Gentrification is a major focus of their hate.

There is suspicion that these anarchists are behind the fires.

Upwards of $100,000 in reward money has been offered for information on some of the fires but no one has come forward.

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  1. Those who hate gentrification should simply oppose property taxes, but they don't because they hate "the rich" too much to ever notice that property taxes are the mechanism that moves property from the poor to the rich and wealthy. I realize many are renters and thus don't think it matters to them but it does for what is offered on the market must be profitable after tax. Higher taxes means nicer more expensive rentals that can rent for enough to pay the taxes. That cheap place they are renting can't stay cheap if the property taxes increase dramatically because the land value is higher.