Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why Communism Will Always Be Violent

This is excellent.




  1. It should be obvious. The farther one's idea of society drifts from laissez-faire, the more one must be willing to use force to keep society "in check."

  2. It's a good video, but I wouldn't call it great. The author claims Communism doesn't work because it is the nature of Man to be self-interested. Here's the problem: people can claim or believe themselves to not be self-interested, to have "transcended" their "impulse or instinct to be self-interested." The real issue here is not one of intentions. Making it one of self-interest or other-interest and then claiming that man is self-interested doesn't work. The root of the Economic Calculation Problem, which the video author never raises, is not that "Man is Greedy" but the nature of value is such that Man has no choice to be anything other than self-interested. Value is not objective, intrinsic, collective, and context independent. Instead, value is subjective, imputed, individual, and determined on the margin. This is why the Economic Calculation Problem exists. Each individual measures "value," and imputes it to existence, using the yardstick of his own life as the measure and can only truly discover someone else's value imputations through trade. With no private ownership there is no way to express individual value imputations. Man can be greedy, but that is not the problem! The problem is in the nature of value and the limits of what each person does and can know.