Sunday, September 9, 2018

The 'Plaid Shirt Guy' at the Trump Rally Supports 'Democratic Socialists of America"

It turns out the Plaid Shirt Guy who made goofy faces during a speech in Montana by President Trump is a supporter of the Democratic Socialists of America. Imagine my surprise.

From The New York Times:
 At a rally in Montana last week, the crowd cheered for President Trump as he gave a freewheeling speech that touched on the economy, his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton and his success as “your favorite of all time president.”

Online, the cheers were for a teenager in a plaid shirt.

The teenager, who was standing behind the president in the camera’s view, could be seen raising his eyebrows, grimacing and shaking his head throughout much of the event, in Billings, Mont. At one point, he widened his eyes and mouthed a word of confusion: “What?”

Eventually, a woman approached him, gestured for his exit and replaced him in the crowd. 
He gained widespread attention and on social media came to be known as Plaid Shirt Guy.....

Internet, meet Tyler Linfesty...

Mr. Linfesty said organizers instructed the crowd to clap and cheer, but he said he could not bring himself to applaud for things that he did not agree with. He said he did not know he was so visible until friends texted him in the middle of the speech.

“That was not me trying to protest,” Mr. Linfesty said. “That was just my honest reactions to the things that he was saying.”

At one point during the speech, he put on a pin showing support for the Democratic Socialists of America. Finally, a woman slid into the aisle and whispered something to him. He walked off and she replaced him in the crowd: a new face, now smiling pleasantly in the background.

Shortly afterward, his friends were replaced, too.

Backstage, Mr. Linfesty said he was pulled aside while police officers and Secret Service officials checked his identification. After about 10 minutes, he said, “they respectfully told me to just leave and not come back.”

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