Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Incredible Spectacle of Two Women Who Screamed at Senator Jeff Flake

UPDATE below: radical background of the first woman screaming

This happened yesterday as Senator Jeff Flake was heading to a Judiciary Committee meeting to vote the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh out of committee:


Both women stated they were sexually assaulted. What does this have to do with an alleged 35 plus-years ago attempted rape charge against Brett Kavanaugh where there is no corroborating evidence?

The Kavanaugh hearing has nothing to do with the assaults that happened to these women. They should go to the police, or to the newspapers if the police don't react, if they seek punishment of the perpetrators. And maybe they should work on understanding that they can still have important valuable lives despite the horrific assaults.

This kind of confrontation with Flake is not going to help them. To demand that Flake vote no against Kavanaugh because of unsubstantiated claims is to move in the direction of barbarism.

The Kavanaugh-Ford confrontation is a major league power battle. It is a grab for power. The women are just tools of the Left in the battle and that is sad.

It is an exhibit, cheered on by the Left, of emotion over reason. The Left wants emotions triggered because that is how power is regularly gained.

BTW, here is an interesting take on Kavanaugh that was recorded before the assault charges emerged:



The first woman screaming is Ana Maria Archila co-executive director of the radical left-leaning, possibly CIA-connected, Center for Popular Democracy


  1. How about from now on, nobody gets “Victim Status”—-gets handled with kid gloves, and gets presumed honest, truthful and pure as the wind-driven snow—-UNTIL such time as a criminal charge is brought; until then, you’re just an unverified accuser, who may or may not be delusional or have an ulterior motive.
    --Dave Afton

  2. Seems like the demorats are taking a page out of the Scientology playbook and actually harassing people into submission. And being the cowards that they are, they will submit and do as they are told. Sad.