Saturday, September 15, 2018

The City of Austin is in the Process of Making the Blockchain Evil

By Robert Wenzel

I have long warned that one of the problems with cryptocurrencies is that despite the hype otherwise, cryptocurrencies are very trackable.

Austin, Texas is about to take things to an even more evil level by using the fundamental blockchain to
track people.

According to, the city of Austin over the past year has launched the MyPass Initiative—a partnership between the city of Austin, Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services, and Dell Medical School at the University of Texas. mThe parnership has been working to develop a blockchain-powered ID system for people experiencing homelessness. The Initiative is funded by a $100,000 grant from The Mayor’s Challenge, a competition sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies that awards grants to innovative cities, and the planned end-product is a platform that gathers digital copies of an individual’s records and IDs under one cellphone number or email address, rendering physical copies redundant. notes:
Blockchain technology offers a relatively simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. Instead of storing data across a number of individually-managed databases, all of a person’s interactions with different services could be recorded on a single ledger using a blockchain, with a validated body of agencies and individuals verifying each interaction as it occurs (e.g., the RMV verifies your driver’s license, your doctor verifies your list of prescriptions, etc.).
First, they tracked the homeless.

This is a very dangerous idea and should be aggressively attacked.

The claim is, of course, that control of the data would remain with the individual, who would portion out access. Don't believe it for a minute.

Government is like an opportunistic disease that will attach itself wherever it can.

It may start off with the homeless, who will control access, but it won't stop there.

Government tracking ia always dangerous and should always be resisted.

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  1. "Government is like an opportunistic disease that will attach itself wherever it can."

    Exactly right. Government is a progressive disease. It only ever grows worse.

  2. Well this is interim step to chipping people like pets. Its just around the corner now!