Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Absolute Best Take On the Serena Williams Outburst

Stefan Molyneux is on fire here. This is probably his best video ever.

He gets a little exhausting in the middle (this is Molyneux after all) but I urge to stick through it, when he gets back on track, he awesome.

Well done, Stefan.




  1. I just love Serena's adamant claim that she is not a cheat. Yet, her coach, who knows her on an intimate, personal level, knows she is, as evidenced by his illegal coaching. If he had thought she wasn't a cheat, he would have sat on his hands so as not to risk a violation. Sadly, the issue, from my standpoint, was her recognition that she was about to lose to an upstart and not get her record-tying Grand Slam win. Instead of accepting defeat with a professional demeanor, she lost self control (a habit for her's) and ruined a well-deserved win by her opponent. Serena is a spoiled sport. But worse, she attempts to destroy others in her wake.

  2. This one is my favorite...it’s long, and drifts beyond more just Serena , but it’s great. https://youtu.be/nOB1BeyUSDg

  3. I am not a Molyneux fan but I think this is indeed one of his better rants. The difference between men and women is obvious and biological. The late Pat Summitt who won several National Championships in women's college basketball at University of Tennessee would have her ladies spare and practice against men, and usually the guys would win. Summitt said- "It's a simple fact that guys, on the whole, are quicker, faster and stronger, What guys do is cover space, make the court seem a lot smaller."