Friday, September 28, 2018

Reluctant Support for Brett Kavanaugh

By Robert Wenzel

I don't trust Brett Kavanaugh and I don't mean I am judging Kavanaugh's testimony yesterday during the absurd Capitol Hill hearing about a charge of attempted rape against him that supposedly occurred, yes, 35 plus years ago where little in the way of evidence currently exists.

Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser, appears at a minimum to suffer from serious phobias, who really knows how serious her crossed wires may be?

At the same time, it appears that Kavanaugh in his high school and college years put away many, as he put it on his calendar, "[brew]skis."

Either one of them could have been telling the truth and either one could have been lying yesterday.

There is just no way for an outsider 35 plus years later to really know what went down, if anything.

No, the reason I don't trust Kavanaugh is he is an elitist establishment man. He is a surface level member of the Deep State. When the chips are down, like a loyal frat member, he will support his team, the Deep State. He has revealed as much in his role in the creation of the evil Patriot Act.

That said, if his nomination fails, the clueless intellectually shallow President Trump will just nominate another elitist establishment Deep State man for the Supreme Court.

Liberty lovers are going to get nothing out of this nomination regardless of what happens.

But from a realpolitik perspective, it is important to note that the Left is off the rails in their attack on Kavanaugh. They don't want this guy on the Supreme Court. They seem willing to do anything to stop the nomination at any cost, and there is even talk that if he gets confirmed and the Democrats gain the House, there is going to be an attempt to impeach him.

In other words, Kavanaugh is a great bird dog. He will smoke lefties out of the weeds and it will reveal their "by any means necessary" approach. It is better to attack them when they are out in the open. So bring on the confirmation.

I hasten to emphasize that this is not because I support Republicans or conservative power seekers. They are just as bad as the Left, just from a different direction.

As I have previously notedVladimir Lenin, who knew a thing or two about revolutionary success, wrote long before he gained control:
We are surrounded on all sides by enemies and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire.
This is the case now for libertarians, we are under attack by the power-hungry Right and power-hungry Left. A Kavanaugh confirmation can help expose the power-hungry Left. It is an ideal opportunity to expose them (at least their evil sex war). This won't knock the left out, not even with regard to the sex war, but it would create excellent terrain from which to engage in battle. We can go after the power-hungry Right when an opportunity presents itself in the future but for the here and now a Kavanaugh confirmation is a useful tool to use against the Left as they would continue their unprincipled by any means necessary attack against him, especially if they win control of the House.

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  1. Respectfully disagree. We see how well the Faustian bargain has worked for Libertarians for Trump.

  2. I think one of Trump's very few positive traits for libertarians is how he brings out the true nature of the left. They always lie, are hostile to economics, hate their opponents and are evil to the core. Kavanaugh helps take that to another level by further drawing them out. We might get some 2nd Amendment protection in the bargain. Or maybe not.

  3. But man, if we could just have open borders and all those turd world people would vote and agitate for more freedom.

  4. Get out of the Left's way and let them run wild. Absent opposition they have no inclination for self-restraint. Just make sure the cameras are rolling and the mics are hot.

  5. I dont know the truth of what happened or didn't, but I do know that the reason the Democrats are thanking and praising her has nothing to do with believing her or fighter for her or her bravery etc.. the real reason is that they are hoping to gain enough seats after the election to be able to delay the supreme court nomination as the Republicans did under Obama. That is the only thing they care about. The rest is just a show. And all the Republicans care about is how nominating him anyway will effect their careers. Once you get a cushy job like that, you dont want to let it go.

  6. Every minute that the Democrats are spending fighting this (or the next) nomination, impeaching Kavanaugh, impeaching Trump, etc., and that the Republicans are spending pushing back, is another minute that they're not pushing through more liberty-crushing legislation. Wouldn't it be great if this type of thing consumed 100% of their time?

    1. NAPster, I see your point, but I don't quite agree because this latest political soap opera moves the political culture more firmly in the direction of circus acts. The liberty-crushing legislation will be pushed through by circus tactics like this and the public will be a little more used to that and accepting of it. They will be backing their favorite mud-wrestler, not their favorite philosopher.

      What is happening is the destruction of rational debate and rational debate is what Libertarians most need to defend and/or re-establish.

    2. I don't believe that the route to liberty is through the state. Pick an era when you believe there was "rational debate" in politics, and it will be littered with liberty-crushing legislation. Exhibit A would be the US Constitution, and Exhibit B would be the Alien and Sedition Acts, passed in 1798!

      The route to liberty is through people turning their back on the state, ignoring it, ridiculing it, finding ways to operate around it. If these childish actions bring more ridicule to Washington, DC, both domestically and, importantly, on the global stage, I say, bring it on.