Friday, September 14, 2018

Nike Stock Hits All-Time Record High After Launch of Kaepernick Campaign...

Nike’s stock closed at an all-time high on Thursday, hitting a record $83.47 at the closing bell.

So much for white Trump supporting suburbians who
burned their Nike's.

Nike’s online sales jumped 31% after the company unveiled its Kaepernick campaign.

Like I said:
Nike understands its market all too well. It is the unthinking masses who justifiably feel oppressed. And Nike's message to them is essentially: "We understand. Fight the man and just do it in any way possible. And do it in our athletic shoes." The campaign is aimed at, among others, real thugs and pretend thugs.
Nike is simply an opportunistic organization that knows how to profit off of the damaged human beings created by government regulation.

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  1. Pat attention folks this is brilliant PR in the world of the Herd of Murica!