Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Mr. Trump is making a course correction..."

Here's another problem for Trump fanboys.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

On the military front, the administration’s new emphasis on delivering Islamic State an “enduring defeat” will extend the deployment of U.S. troops at least into next year, U.S. officials said.

The legal mandate for keeping U.S. troops in Syria is still linked to support of Kurdish and Arab fighters who are trying to finish off Islamic State. But the move has implications for the diplomatic wrangling over the country’s future as extending the U.S. mission against Islamic State will also prolong the presence of U.S. forces and their Syrian allies in oil-rich areas of eastern Syria that the Assad regime is eager to control.

While the White House hasn’t said precisely how long U.S. forces will stay or how many troops may be needed, delivering a lasting defeat to extremists will require more than taking back the remainder of Islamic State-controlled territory, U.S. officials said. It also requires ensuring that the group can’t make a comeback, as al Qaeda in Iraq, Islamic State’s forerunner, did less than two years after the Obama administration withdrew troops from that country at the end of 2011.


  1. The Cheeto in Chief dutifully doing what the Milcom tells him to do.

  2. For worse or for worse, Trump seems to have surrounded himself by Neocons. I can't say I don't understand. His only supporters are the military. He just doesn't want him and his family to die in, say, some tragic helicopter accident.

    1. The military and the Neo-cons are not the same thing.