Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Believe He Has Finally Been Buried...

By Robert Wenzel

It is now more than three hours since I have heard on television, or seen written on the internet, reports of praise sprinkled about for the dead man John McCain in the midst of a steady attack on President Donald J. Trump by McCain mourners.

I am guessing this change in coverage signals that the dead man McCain is thus now, finally, six feet under and normal scheduling has resumed.

But this may not be the end of our brush with McCain.

As Shakespeare noted:
The evil that men do lives after them
And the wars that McCain promoted, warmongering duly ignored by the McCain hagiographers (including all of mainstream media) in their reporting on the life of the dead man, continue on.

The attacks on Trump in the eulogies by even various war criminals is really quite remarkable. A public display of attack that has never occurred before at any other death. Viciousness to the end. Publicly broadcast viciousness at the casket. Can it show us anything but the depth of the Deep State influence over the political and media worlds? The hate for Trump must always be forefront even during the funeral of a distinguished member of the Deep State.

And make no mistake, McCain was a card-carrying Deep State member out of the war division.

While it is true that Trump has most certainly thought more, in a shallow way, about ethnic differences than he has thought at all about the Constitution or the peaceful leadership years of William Howard Taft, when it comes to the Adolph Hitler to Taft spectrum, McCain is closer to Hitler than Trump is in that all-important category: role in upping human body count. Whether it was McCain's gung-ho direct role in death during his Vietnam flyboy years or his later pro-war policy advocacy from his position in the Senate, he bested Trump all the way.

As opposed to the crazed life-long killing driven McCain, who I repeat was gung-ho about flying bombing missions over Vietnam, Trump took the peaceful way out---the bone spurs in the heels loophole. Is this what was at the heart of McCain's personal hate for Trump? That Trump does not have killing at his core.

If so, then this says it all. A message that the Deep State surely does not want us to fully understand:

John McCain is dead. He hated Trump.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of
EconomicPolicyJournal.com and Target Liberty. 

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  1. Finally. Now the worms can go to work, if they can even stomach him.