Friday, September 21, 2018

Heroic In Your Face Protest at Presentation By State Department Official

Medea Benjamin, cofounder Code Pink, told it like it is with regard to Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

What I liked most of all is she waited for Brian Hook of the State Department to have his say before
stepping on stage with very well prepared statements about what the Empire is promoting.

And while I have problems with interruptions at any point when it comes to private individuals, I have no problem when such interruptions are made when government officials are speaking.

 Benjamin is just great here.


  1. At last, an anti-war protest. Very impressive, to get so many good points out in a short time while being physically removed!

  2. Good show and she stayed right on point. I was begining to think team pink was MIA after the last eight years of relative silence. Politics aside it was good to see.