Sunday, September 23, 2018

First-Year Columbia Student Council Candidates Focus on Subsidized MetroCards and Free Tampons

First-year candidates for the Columbia College and Engineering Student Councils at Columbia University are getting  early life practice in lefty-style demands for free stuff.

The candidates, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator, presented platforms on issues of campus community, financial access to resources, and stress culture at a candidate debate on Saturday.

CCSC candidates highlighted the "need" for subsidized MetroCards, as well as free pads and tampons for all undergraduate students, according to the university newspaper.

Eva Bogomilova, CC ’22, of the Blue Ivy party said that her group wants to secure access to free tampons and pads.

“We feel like this is just a necessity; it’s like toilet paper. It’s a must and we don’t understand why it hasn’t already been implemented, and we’d like to use these 3,000 dollars for this basic hygiene necessity,” she said.

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