Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Exploring Climate Change Through Mozart's Warning?

Ying Fang and Peter Sellars

Climate change madness has gone off the charts.

This appeared as a promotion on my twitter feed:
From the website blurb:

The 23-year-old Mozart created Idomeneo, his first major opera, powered by passion for political, social, and environmental change—the most radical and explosive vision of the art form until Wagner, nearly a century later. The opera was so demanding, extraordinary, and forward-looking that it was unrealizable in Mozart’s lifetime, and it was never performed complete until our era. Based on Homeric, Cretan, and other ancient sources, it depicts the aftermath of the Trojan War, where the oceans themselves respond to the barbarity and moral outrages of the “victorious” armies with tidal waves, hurricanes, and monsoons. The perpetrators, clinging to their broken ships, are forced to negotiate the survival of their societies with Neptune, the god of the sea. The subsequent betrayal of those negotiations by humans provokes a monstrous tsunami which destroys a coastal city. The restoration of balance and equilibrium, and the engagement with natural forces as living beings, is depicted in Mozart’s dangerous, terrifying, and heartfelt score. In the final act, Mozart transports us into a transcendent world in which a new generation, announcing new priorities, averts an ecological disaster. 
Director Peter Sellars and rising star Ying Fang will explore the histories, emotional colors, and layers of meaning that move across time and project themselves and us, prophetically, into a possible future.

But, on the other hand, maybe Mozart's Idomeneo is what climate alarmists are using as their guiding light.  Do they know it was a love story with a happy ending? Should we, therefore, wait for Idamante to slay the dastardly developing climate?

Scenda Amor, scenda Imeneo



  1. Typically when artist and athletes stick their noses into politically charged issues they show how ignorant they are of their ignorance.

    Coal + Ice “narrates the consequences triggered by the continued use of fossil fuels, following the trajectory of climate change…” I doubt this narration will include how grateful we should be for the enhancement of human existence through the use of fossil fuels.

    But hey, if Nike can sell sneakers using a SJW, why not cash in on the Global Warming crowd for some opera tickets?

  2. That dude's hair is the first conclusive scientific proof I have seen of global warming.

  3. I heard a new one last week, "climate gentrification." Apparently the rich are invading Little Haiti in Miami as they seek higher ground from rising sea levels.