Friday, September 7, 2018

Ben Shapiro on Nike's Latest Campaign: "Colin Kaepernick Sacrificed Nothing"

The below clip is not perfect but uniquely insightful in enough in parts that it deserves a listen.

I have said it before but it bears repeating, Ben Shapiro is generally very sharp but it is too bad he is a neoconservative warmonger and hugger of the Empire.



  1. I held my nose for 6.5 minutes, but Ben is just a damn state loving apologist for everything State.
    Good for Kaepernick wearing the cop/pig socks.
    Nike addressed the “child labor” years ago, and what Ben, you would rather the kids made zero pennies so they could starve that much more?
    Nike sales up 31% today.
    Nice move.
    Kaepernick is no hero of mine, but to act like black kids aren’t getting shot by cops is stupid too. And maybe he actually is upset about it. Everyone should be against the States cops.
    For numerous reasons.
    And I hope someday all the players will kneel until they quit playing the stupid anthem at the games.

  2. I heard an interview of the National Franternal Order of Police and his big gripe is that he "disrespected the flag" . Meanwhile the black police group came out in support of Kaepernick and he says, "Well we represent all police not just the black ones" again he reiterated how much he disliked "disrespecting the flag" while the miltary is fighting over seas (when are they not?) Plus some cops died last year so therefore it is disrespectful.

    The interviewer then pointed out that originally Kaepernick sat on the bench until a teammate who was a former Navy SEAL pointed out that sitting was disrespectful and that kneeling is a position of reverence and would be a more respectful way to protest, so he changed to kneeling. When the representative of th FOP was asked if this changes his view, he said absolutely not.

    Again, his view was that his dad was in Vietnam so therefore everyone has to be respectful to the flag. If this is indeed how most police think, then they deserve the disrespect.

    In America, people protest. Get over it.

  3. we really have to stop calling them Neo "conservatives". There is nothing conservative about neoconservative. Unless you consider going to war with a country that poses no threat to us and has made no aggressive actions towards us a "conservative" value. Can we start calling them what they really are: Neo Trotskyites?