Friday, September 14, 2018

Another One: Socialist Wins NY Senate Primary

Julia Salazar, a democratic socialist, overcame intense scrutiny of her personal life and questions about her truthfulness Thursday to win the Democratic primary for a state Senate seat in Brooklyn, reports NBC News 4.

The 27-year-old, first-time candidate defeated
Sen. Martin Dilan in New York's 18th Senate District, joining the ranks of leftist insurgents nationwide who have knocked out mainstream Democrats.

There is no Republican candidate running in the district in the general election, virtually guaranteeing her win.

Dilan, 67, was a 16-year incumbent.

Did I mention that immediately after Trump's election on November 10, 2016, I wrote:
Heading into the election, I felt that for strategic reasons Hillary Clinton was the best alternative for libertarians. Not because she is good on many issues, she is not, but because she would come with a ready-made opposition that would listen to libertarian arguments against her.

It would have been a great opportunity to reach out to Trump supporters and spread the libertarian message. That opportunity is now gone with the Trump victory. Trump supporters are rabid, they will likely follow him down almost any hell hole.

These people are not going to listen to our arguments for smaller government. Their man is in power.

There will be opposition to Trump but it will be coming from the left, not the Trump right.

The left is all about expanding the state. Thus, it will be very difficult to reach out to these people and present state shrinking anti-Trump ideas. They are a perfect target for the socialists...

 The socialists are going to experience a boom in followers under Trump.


And one step away from full socialists:


Public Advocate Letitia James has won a victory in the  Democratic primary for attorney general in New York.

She had won the endorsement of Chirlane McCray, the wife of New York City Mayor de Blasio.

And the extreme left Working Families Party blasted out 200,000 text messages supporting her to voters.

The New York Times notes:
With her win, Ms. James, 59, the New York City public advocate, has positioned herself as a prominent face of resistance to the policies of President Trump, a role that the New York attorney general’s office has embraced since Mr. Trump took office

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  1. She is actually not too bad looking for a leftist. You libertardians need to get some boots on the ground into these districts and convince all those non whites that your way is the way to go. I mean, all cultures are equal, right?