Sunday, September 30, 2018

How and Why You Should Raise 'Free Range' Kids


This is What Donald Trump Must Do to Battle the Deep State and Win

The below essay by long-time political operative Roger Stone is the most important essay I have come across detailing how the Deep State has run counter-operations against Donald Trump, before he was elected president and since. In the essay, Stone also provides suggestions on how Trump should battle the DS.
The lesson here for libertarians is how government Deep State operatives often use laws created "to protect us"  to instead protect sectors of central power. The only way to stop these power plays is to eliminate the power centers by shrinking government.
By Roger Stone
During the Presidential Campaign for the 2016 election, then Candidate Trump responded to the anguished cries of The People when he promised to “Drain the Swamp”.  While Donald J. Trump knew instinctively that there was rampant corruption in Washington, D.C., it is entirely possible that he was surprised by the levels of vindictiveness and wrath he would eventually encounter.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

What the FBI Should Ask Christine Blasey Ford

I am not always a fan of Scott Adams psychoanalytics but the below is very interesting.


Trump Wants to Create an "Arab NATO"

Donald Trump is one very dangerous erratic dude. Libertarian Trump fanboys should be ashamed to be supporting this guy.

The Trump administration pressed ahead Friday with plans to create an “Arab NATO.”

WOW Reddit Just “Quarantined” The #911Truth Board

The clampdown on open discussion and debate continues.

The monsters of social media are pushing the envelope to see just how much censorship they can get away with before outrage is heard.

The Incredible Spectacle of Two Women Who Screamed at Senator Jeff Flake

UPDATE below: radical background of the first woman screaming

This happened yesterday as Senator Jeff Flake was heading to a Judiciary Committee meeting to vote the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh out of committee:


Both women stated they were sexually assaulted. What does this have to do with an alleged 35 plus-years ago attempted rape charge against Brett Kavanaugh where there is no corroborating evidence?

A Shady CNN Move at the Kavanaugh Hearing?

By Robert Wenzel

I watched most of the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing on Thursday via CNN.

During Brett Kavanaugh's opening statement and early questioning, Kavanaugh's suffering wife,  Ashley, clearly pained by the entire event, could be seen in the background throughout. It was compelling television.

 Ashley Kavanaugh, washed down the memory hole by CNN.
It provided a stunning backdrop that reminded one of the suffering being experienced by Kavanaugh's family.

Things changed after the recess in the hearing.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Roger Stone: I Could Be Framed; Mueller is Out of Control


Reluctant Support for Brett Kavanaugh

By Robert Wenzel

I don't trust Brett Kavanaugh and I don't mean I am judging Kavanaugh's testimony yesterday during the absurd Capitol Hill hearing about a charge of attempted rape against him that supposedly occurred, yes, 35 plus years ago where little in the way of evidence currently exists.

The Insane Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing

By Robert Wenzel

As I have written before, it is pretty absurd to probe into a 35- plus years old attempted rape allegation.

There may be strong corroborating evidence in an occasional individual case dating back 35 years, but, in general, I doubt it, and none was presented during the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing yesterday in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill by either side.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Is There a War of the Sexes Going On in America?

UPDATE below|"Men are trash"

By Robert Wenzel

After Bill Cosby was sentenced to prison on Tuesday, his publicist, Andrew Wyatt, said his client’s defeat was part of a “sex war."

Is Wyatt correct here?

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Avenatti on Attack Against Trump

President Trump has sent out the following tweet:
Michael Avenatti is the lawyer representing pornstar Stormy Daniels and also Julie Swetnick who has just accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of drugging women for gang sex attacks.

This is how Avenatti responded to Trump and the Trump Administration:

Kavanuagh Accused of Participating in Drugging Women for Group Sex Attacks

UPDATE below: Kavanaugh responds to gang rape allegations

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


BREAKING Brett Kavanaugh's 1982 Calendar Released

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh 
The Senate Judiciary Committee has released the summer months' pages from a calendar belonging to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, detailing the summer in which Christine Blasey Ford alleges he sexually assaulted her.

The dude was grounded a lot.

Kavanaugh Summer 1982 Calendar:

REVEALED: Who’s Privileged

By Michael S. Rozeff

Government laws today routinely discriminate on the basis of income, source of income, line of business, race, drug use, age, health, sex and many other categories. This discrimination is so common that it’s taken for granted as being legitimate. Laws with discriminatory economic effects are not even thought of as discrimination.

American leftists hope to achieve political power and implement discriminatory programs against groups they term “privileged” and for groups they term “oppressed”. Their discrimination categories, derived from social/cultural/sexual characteristics, differ a great deal from those that governments have been implementing for decades.

Leftists identify at least 15 groups they wish to discriminate against:

IN REVIEW Michael Moore's Flop: ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’

By John Anderson

Michael Moore’s career is one of the great American con jobs, not that it doesn’t make a certain historical sense. His fan base is small, but ardent. He appeals to his viewers’ worst instincts. He tells them exactly what they want to hear. He conveniently ignores anything that doesn’t buttress his own arguments. He borrows ideas from the most dubious sources. His raison d’être is self-promotion. Some might go so far as to call him the left’s version of Donald Trump.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This is What Could Trigger US Military Action in Venezuela

The Empire always has plans.

 Via Axios:

Fernando Cutz, who served as a close adviser to former National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and the top National Security Council official on South America, offered a rare insider account of

Ted Cruz Was Chased Out of a DC Restaurant Over Kavanaugh

By Robert Wenzel

Monday night, Senator Ted Cruz was chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters. As can be seen in the video below, protesters were shouting "We believe the survivors."

They were referencing the women making charges against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Monday, September 24, 2018

BREAKING Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein On the Way To White House to Get Fired?

UPDATE below: He's gone.
FURTHER UPDATE below: Maybe he is not gone, yet. He will meet with Trump.

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


Multiple media organizations are reporting that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is headed to the White House and is expected to be fired, or possibly resign.

At United Nations, Trump Hails “Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem”

President Trump this morning in a speech at the United Nations:
[L]ast month, the United States announced a “Global Call to Action on the World Drug

Sunday, September 23, 2018

HOT: Second Woman Emerges

UPDATE below: Now, there's a third female accuser.
NEW UPDATE  below: It just got insane, suggestion of gang rapes 
ANOTHER UPDATE below: "FFFFFFFourth of July"

The statist battle has gone insane. Kavanaugh appears cooked/

Nike the Best Performing Dow Jones Stock

So much for white Trump supporting suburbians who burned their Nikes.

First-Year Columbia Student Council Candidates Focus on Subsidized MetroCards and Free Tampons

First-year candidates for the Columbia College and Engineering Student Councils at Columbia University are getting  early life practice in lefty-style demands for free stuff.

US to Start ‘Disrupting’ North Korean Oil Smuggling

Well, this sure ease a fine way to attempt to ease tensions with North Korea.

An international coalition of American allies will start “detecting and disrupting”

Saturday, September 22, 2018

5 Rules for Recording Police


Libertarians Should Grow Up

By Robert Wenzel

The White House has drafted an executive order for President Donald Trump’s signature that would instruct federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to open investigations into the business practices of Google, Facebook, Twitter and

Busted! How to Handle the Police Until You Get a Lawyer


Hannity: Rod Rosenstein is Not to be Trusted

Below there is a great breakdown of how evil the Deep State is, where truth and justice mean nothing.

This is a hardcore teaching moment on Hayek's observation in Chapter 10 of The Road to Serfdom that in government the worst get on top.


Remember, that if Trump somehow wins this, it will just be his bad guys in charge.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Dershowitz: "Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth?"

Below Dersh discusses the attempted rape accusation against Brett Kavanaugh

He is on a roll: "Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth?"



BREAKING: US Preparing Actions Against Venezuela

The United States is preparing a “series of actions” in the coming days to increase pressure on the Venezuelan government, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just told Fox News

The Deep State Manipulates Trump Again

Trump fanboys have to be embarrassed by this clown---unless they are Mariana Trench deep in denial.

Heroic In Your Face Protest at Presentation By State Department Official

Medea Benjamin, cofounder Code Pink, told it like it is with regard to Iran, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

What I liked most of all is she waited for Brian Hook of the State Department to have his say before

Yale Law Dean: Reports that Professor Groomed Female Clerks for Kavanaugh 'Of Enormous Concern'

By Robert Wenzel

It's getting crazy out there.

As I have already noted, Brett Kavanaugh would be bad news on the Supreme Court so I don't care what happens to him. That said, anyone that would replace him would be just as bad if not worse.

For libertarians, the Kavanaugh-Christine Blasey Ford "he said-she said" controversy is just a vicious cage match between two front people for behind the scenes groups of power hungry creeps, so grab the popcorn. There is nothing for us to do other than

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cody Wilson, Austin Man Behind 3D Printed Guns, Charged With Sexual Assault

Update below: Wilson may be on the lam.
Update 2 below Wilson arrested in Taiwan

Cody Wilson, the Austin man behind the 3-D printed gun company, is accused of child sexual assault, according to police.

On August 22nd, Austin police responded to a call from a counselor who said a client, a female under

HOT: FBI Kept "Two Sets Of Records" On Trump Investigation

Never forget, the Deep State fights dirty.

Journalist Sara Carter told Sean Hannity during his Wednesday radio show that the FBI has two sets

Senate Passes Massive Defense Bill By a Vote of 93-7

The Senate has voted 93-7 to approve a massive $607 billion military budget, a $17B increase, from last year.

The bill also funds the departments of Education, Labor, Health and Human Services and related agencies

The House is expected to take it up next week.

Only Rand Paul (R-KY) along with Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Mike Lee (R-UT), David Perdue (R-GA)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Pat Toomey (R-PA) voted against the monstrosity.


This Sounds Like Serious Trouble for Trump

Forget the "moral imperative" that Donny Deutsch refers to in the clip below and the idea that Michael Cohen wants to "save the world" from Trump.

Cohen is out to reduce his time in the slammer and this Deutsch clip suggests he is doing just that--aggressively.



Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Trump Administration Will Send an Alert to Your Phone Tomorrow

By Robert Wenzel

The Trump administration will send a message to all U.S. cellphones on Thursday to test a previously unused alert system that aims to

George Carlin on Being Busted with Lenny Bruce

George Carlin talks about getting busted with Lenny Bruce at his infamous Gate of Horn gig in Chicago in December 1962. From an interview recorded by Ron Collins and David Skover, authors of The Trials of Lenny Bruce, as well as audio of the bust itself.



Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trump Supports Permanent US Military Base in Poland

Here's a real big problem for Trump fanboys, he says he supports Polish president Andrzej Duda's call for a permanent US military base in Poland.

 This is Trump's comment after Duda called for a permanent US base in Poland.
Duda says

Private Jet Traffic Increased 30 Percent During California Climate Conference

San Francisco International Airport’s corporate jet traffic rose roughly 30 percent during an international climate change conference in San Francisco, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

More than 4,000 elected officials, executives and environmentalists converged in San Francisco for the climate conference where participants discussed the threat of climate change and looked for solutions.

Corporate jet traffic increased 30 percent over normal at San Francisco’s airport during the three-day conference, with much of the congestion due to attendees, airport spokesman Doug Yakel told The San Francisco Chronicle.



San Francisco's Coming Orgy of Unnecessary Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By Marc Joffe

San Francisco Mayor London Breed and other local luminaries made much of the area’s leadership on global warming at last week’s Climate Action Conference. But next month, the City will host an orgy of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

From October 5-7, the Blue Angels will conduct three air shows over the waters around San Francisco.  During these spectacles, six F/A-18 fighter jets will consume 18,000 gallons of

Monday, September 17, 2018

FLASHBACK: The Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill Show

Politics is evil and vicious.

But Kavanaugh deserves it, he is an anti-liberty creep.

BREAKING: Russian Military Plane Shot Down During Israeli Led Attack in Syria

A Russian military Il-20 aircraft with 14 service members on board went off the radars during an attack by four Israeli jets on Syria’s Latakia province, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


Russian radars also registered the launch of missiles from a French frigate in the Mediterranean on the evening of September 17.


And Yet Another One

I just got dinged for a post that did nothing but embedded this video:

I have removed the post but this is the second video from the guy that has been dinged in less than a week.

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A Libertarian Take: The Attempted-Rape Allegation Against Judge Kavanaugh

The lefty accuser vs. the statist.
By Robert Wenzel

Christine Blasey Ford,  a professor at Palo Alto University who teaches in a consortium with Stanford University, training graduate students in clinical psychology, has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanugh of sexually assaulting her more than three decades ago when they were high school students in suburban Maryland.

Now, if this accusation of a decades-old event was made of a person in the private sector, I would be

Silicon Valley Billionaire/Clinton Supporter Buys Time Magazine

Marc Benioff, co-founder of and his wife Lynne Benioff are buying TIME magazine for $190 million .

The Benioffs are buying TIME as individuals; the agreement is unrelated to, where  Benioff also serves as chairman and co-chief executive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the proposed sale is expected to close within 30 days.

Benioff is a typical Silicon Valley leftist with a stunted understanding of economics.

He supported

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Colin Kaepernick Just Sold Out His #IMWITHKAP Jersey in Hours

Colin Kaepernick sold out a customized jersey emblazoned with the hashtag #IMWITHKAP from his personal website in a number of hours Monday evening, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

The jerseys, which aren't

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Roger Stone Issues Statement on the Robert Mueller Investigation of Him

Mueller’s Witchunt into my perfectly legal support for Donald Trump continues:
Anatomy of a Smear

By Roger Stone

Have you heard the latest?

Robert Mueller the biased and partisan “ Special Counsel “who has no interest whatsoever in the multiple crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and his deeply corrupted FBI and Justice Department but is on a relentless drive to remove President Donald Trump has done it again!

This time Mueller and the partisan band of left-wing hitmen on the “Get Trump squad “leaked to the

The City of Austin is in the Process of Making the Blockchain Evil

By Robert Wenzel

I have long warned that one of the problems with cryptocurrencies is that despite the hype otherwise, cryptocurrencies are very trackable.

Austin, Texas is about to take things to an even more evil level by using the fundamental blockchain to

Camille Paglia: 'Universities Are an Absolute Wreck Right Now'


Donald Trump Explodes: His Divorce Lawyer is Coming Out With a Book

Jay Goldberg
By Robert Wenzel

Jay Goldberg (85), Donald Trump's 1990s divorce lawyer is about to release a book, The Courtroom Is My TheaterMy Lifelong Representation of Famous Politicians, Industrialists, Entertainers, "Men of Honor," and More.

The president is not happy about it.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Union Man Gets Ready for the Night Shift



The Loudest Voice for War


Nike Stock Hits All-Time Record High After Launch of Kaepernick Campaign...

Nike’s stock closed at an all-time high on Thursday, hitting a record $83.47 at the closing bell.

So much for white Trump supporting suburbians who

Another One: Socialist Wins NY Senate Primary

Julia Salazar, a democratic socialist, overcame intense scrutiny of her personal life and questions about her truthfulness Thursday to win the Democratic primary for a state Senate seat in Brooklyn, reports NBC News 4.

The 27-year-old, first-time candidate defeated

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Back to the Future: Censorship

By Chris Edwards

Not long after the limited-government U.S. Constitution was ratified and the new government resumed operation, numerous political leaders began pushing to expand federal power. Leading politicians of the 1790s did not agree with each other about the proper scope of federal authority, either legally or practically.
Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton proposed ideas for top-down manipulation of the economy. And fellow Federalist President John Adams signed into law the infamous Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, which among other things outlawed any “false, scandalous and malicious writing” against the government, the Congress, and the president.
An article in the Washington Post the other day discussed some interesting details regarding the enforcement of the sedition statute:

Why Judge Napolitano is Wrong

By Robert Wenzel

In a new essay, Judge Andrew Napolitano writes:
Last week, The New York Times published a scathing critique of Donald Trump — the man and the president. The Times said the critique was written by a senior Trump administration official who insisted on remaining unnamed. This bitter and harsh editorial, which portrays the president as dangerous to the health of the republic and his White House as slouching toward dysfunctionality, has understandably infuriated him.

Trump first accused the Times and its unnamed writer of treason, and then he publicly

Why Communism Will Always Be Violent

This is excellent.



Wednesday, September 12, 2018

MUST WATCH: Judge Napolitano on New Strzok-Page Texts (And the evil of FISA warrants)


This is What Happened When Tulsi Gabbard Tried to Stop Congress From Authorizing War With Iran

This is why Tulsi Gabbard is the most important member of the House.

She speaks truth in the face of the Military-Industrial-Complex.


Modern America

A friend emails:
You’ll appreciate this. I’m at the Phillies game. In between innings. Military dancing on the dugout.

The nationalist Trump will be so proud.

-RW  .

WOW Sheldon Whitehouse Asks Brett Kavanaugh If He Has A Gambling Problem

Add caption
They may get the Patriot Act clown yet,

Via Paul Blumenthal:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) wants to know if Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, has a gambling problem.

“Have you ever sought treatment for a gambling addiction?” Whitehouse asks pointedly as part of a

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Exploring Climate Change Through Mozart's Warning?

Ying Fang and Peter Sellars

Climate change madness has gone off the charts.

This appeared as a promotion on my twitter feed:
From the website blurb:

The Absolute Best Take On the Serena Williams Outburst

Stefan Molyneux is on fire here. This is probably his best video ever.

He gets a little exhausting in the middle (this is Molyneux after all) but I urge to stick through it, when he gets back on track, he awesome.

Well done, Stefan.



Monday, September 10, 2018

Omarosa Says Code at White House For Signalling When Trump Was Going Off the Deep End Was #TFA...

...And that Trump family members even used the code.
Trump made a big mistake cutting Omarosa loose. She is now working for the Deep State Trump takedown team.

Got Another One

I am getting these with increasing frequency.

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RW Note: I deleted the post but the post in question had a Jordan Peterson youtube video.

Here it is listed at YouTube:

I really go out of my way to not violate Google Adsense Policy but it is becoming increasingly difficult to anticipate what Google considers a violation.

Please, if you haven't done so already, send me your contact info in case sometime in the future I get completely knocked off. Details on sending contact info here.

Nike Among Top Dow Jones Stock Advancers

So much for Nike's frontman the knee bender Colin Kaepernick ruining sales.

Investors now realize that Nike is aiming at the confused protest crowd. It is big and will buy Nike.

Nike stock is currently up 2.03%.


Ex-Trump Campaign Aide: The Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Was a Diabolical Move and I Know Who Wrote It


Jordan Peterson: University Administrators Have Conspired to Steal the Future Incomes of Their Students...

(I would add that the administrators did it in cahoots with the government -RW) 

Some more great observations by Peterson.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

C.I.A. Drone Mission, Curtailed by Obama, Is Expanded in Africa Under Trump

Here is more trouble for Trump Fanboys.

The C.I.A. is poised to conduct secret drone strikes against Qaeda and Islamic State insurgents from a newly expanded air base deep in the Sahara, making aggressive use of powers that were scaled back during the Obama administration and restored by President Trump, reports the New York Times.

According to the Times, Nigerien and American officials said the C.I.A. had been flying drones on surveillance missions for several months from a corner of a small commercial airport in Dirkou. Satellite imagery shows that the airport has grown significantly since February to include a new taxiway, walls and security posts.

One American official said the drones had not yet been used in lethal missions, but would almost certainly be in the near future, given the growing threat in southern Libya.


Jim Carrey Sports A Brand New Pair Of Nike Sneakers On ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

They are going to turn Nike into a damn social justice warrior symbol.

Like I said, be very careful of revolutions and protests. If they are not grounded in strong pro-freedom demands, they could go very wrong.


A note to libertarian supporters of knee bender Colin Kaepernick. His message is not libertarian. It is one of Marxian-style class hate.

Note two: Nike did not make a mistake in its marketing. It was aiming at urban primitives and socialist-supporting college youth who will want to identify with the urban primitives.