Friday, August 10, 2018

White Lesbian Female Psychologist Triggered in Oakland by Spanish Speakers; Resigns From Her Job Providing Mental Health Check Ups to Immigrants

Another lefty hypocrite falls.

An Oakland psychologist stepped down from her role as CEO of a Bay Area mental health clinic after she was captured on video Saturday claiming to be an immigration attorney and demanding that a group of people speaking Spanish and English move their parked vehicle from the curb in front of her home, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

In the video, posted to Facebook on Wednesday by one of the family members in the car, a white woman tells the group not to park in front of her house. The woman was identified as psychologist Lesleigh Franklin by Franklin’s partner, Marisol Reyna, who spoke with The Chronicle on Thursday.

"As we refused she approached our car and tried to open the doors,” according to the post. “That’s when I began recording because we felt attacked and we know these situations have happened already to black and brown people because of how we look. This woman targeted us AND even questioned our status in this country.”

At one point in the recording, Franklin claims to be an immigration attorney and asks the group where they are from.

One of the men then says he has papers and is a resident and Franklin responds, “A resident isn’t a citizen.”

She says she will call the police and then later says she won’t call authorities because, “They will take you away.” Franklin acknowledges in the video that she opened their car door in an effort to get the group to leave.

Reyna said the video did not reflect Franklin’s true nature. But she said Franklin stepped down from her position as the head and founder of the East Bay Family Institute, an Oakland-based center that provides mental health services and works with the immigrant community, because “based on the current situation ... it’s not appropriate for someone to run it who’s under so much scrutiny.”

Franklin has worked with immigrants, Reyna said, conducting psychological evaluations in the past as part of their immigration cases.

 The video, she said, “is not who she is.”

 The video is here.


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  1. The Lefties (and Libertarians) are for open borders because, by and large, they have been protected from the consequences of the policies they support. It's interesting, but not the slightest bit surprising, how a White Lefty reacts when faced with even mild consequences. Of course the real champions of the open borders policies live in gated communities.