Monday, August 20, 2018

Washington Post Columnist: "It’s time to reclaim ‘socialism’ from the dirty-word category"

It's getting bad out there. Socialism is growing as a hip thing.

At the Bezos ragcolumnist Elizabeth Bruenig writes today in an essay titled: "It’s time to reclaim ‘socialism’ from the dirty-word category
[S]ocialism, like any sophisticated term, warrants thoughtful consideration...
At the heart of the democratic socialist vision flowering on the American left is the recognition that more than policy tweaks will be needed to empower everyday people to participate meaningfully in society and democracy. Working Americans deserve a say in how the country’s vast wealth will be used, and that will be possible only when inequality is reduced, corporate and big-money donors are banished from politics, and lawmakers are truly accountable to the people. It’s not so much to ask. But democratic socialists are the only ones asking.
Today, the median age of a Democratic Socialist of America member is 33, down from 68 in 2013, according to The Nation.

The politically active masses need to be made aware that there is an alternative to the Mussolini-like Trump that does not involve central planning. That liberty is a noble goal, in contrast to the evil grab for power of socialism.



  1. --- Working Americans deserve a say in how the country’s vast wealth will be used ---

    Beware of those who claim can hear what "The People" say, because they're either lying or haven't taken their Thorazine.

    1. Also beware of those who believe that "wealth" belongs to "the country." It shows no appreciation for (a) how wealth is created (apparently it just descends from heaven or grows on trees), (b) how wealth is peacefully transferred (through private-property rights), and (c) the fact that a real person has to make decisions for "the country," and the limitations caused by that person's knowledge, incentives, and ability to calculate (even assuming no cronyism).

    2. -- Working Americans deserve a say in how the country’s vast wealth will be used ---

      Last time I checked, working Americans get a piece of the country's vast wealth to do with as they see fit. Of course, lower taxes would give them a larger cut and more say as to where that wealth goes.

  2. It's time to rename Washington Post to Washington Pravda.

    Only it would be insulting to the original Pravda which has more integrity.

  3. I’m hoping that socialism’s inevitable failure will begin to drag democracy towards the dirty-word category as well, and deservingly so.