Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Urban Primitives Brawl Shuts Down Paris Airport (French Rapper Edition)

A fight between two rival French rappers, Booba and Kaaris, descended into a mass brawl in the departure lounge of Paris’ Orly airport today and forced the brief closure of one terminal and caused flight delays, reports The New York Post.

A border police spokesman said both Booba and Kaaris had been arrested along with nine others from the two entourages. -RW  


  1. Bring back tar-and-feathering. Or else, put all who desire to brawl into a huge arena and let them fight it out to the death.

  2. :LOL: This is why I hate libertardians. Further evidence race, IQ, and culture matter. Well, not in libertardian fantasy land. Where are my critics lining up to have their daughters married to one of these fine 'gentleman'. But hey, I'm sure deep down they are natural libertarians who understand NAP and private property.