Wednesday, August 8, 2018

They Are Nuking Alex Jones: Now MailChimp Bans Him

This is a little bit of inside baseball but the email service provider MailChimp has removed accounts for Alex Jones and Infowars, citing "hateful content," according to Media Matters for America.

MailChimp is the premier list management firm out there.

"MailChimp doesn’t generally comment on individual users or accounts, but we’ll make an exception today," the MailChimp statement read, according to Media Matters. "MailChimp notified Infowars that their accounts have been terminated for violating our Terms of Service, which make it clear that we don’t allow people to use our platform to disseminate hateful content."

"The decision to terminate this account was thoughtfully considered and is in line with our company’s values," MailChimp added.

Look, this  goes back to my post, The Banning of Alex Jones: It's Complicated, where I write:
I understand those who call for a legal attack on the banning organizations or those who call for the launch of a new truly free speech platform, but what must be realized here is that we are up against operators who don't play by the rules. Whether they are government players or extreme leftists or a combination, they are driven by a philosophy of "by any means necessary" to gain power and eliminate those who are a challenge to gaining that power.
If there are any deep thinkers behind the operators, and I suspect there is at least one (a very bad guy), they/he would have thought about the obvious counter moves of legal attacks and alternative platforms. They are at least 2 steps ahead of freedom advocates and ready for the counter-attack. In other words, the censorship will likely intensify and the likelihood of an alternative platform succeeding is very low. It would be shut down somehow, using some bogus excuse, in some manner the minute it is determined to be a serious threat.
Building a powerful email database to get the message out, even though  YouTube and Facebook were blocked as outlets, was a smart counter move by Jones but the players, with the shutdown of the MailChimp account, is messing with that option.

This is a very serious infowar.



  1. This shows that our corrupt ersatz rulers are so confident now of their power (or so panicked - which is it?) that they are not even pretending anymore. Like I said, this started with the Daily Stormer and won't stop with InfoWars. My prediction is that Breitbart is next to be silenced. But hey, thank goodness it is corporations doing the silencing and not the government. After all they can do what they want as private entities even if they are all colluding. I feel so much better.

  2. Alex Jones has been accused of working for Mossad.