Friday, August 31, 2018

The 5 Most Intense Moments From the Cuomo-Nixon Debate

What a choice New Yorkers have in this year's governor's race, a total crony, incumbent  Governor Andrew Cuomo, versus a typically confused socialist, Cynthia Nixon.

Here are the most intense moments during Wednesday's debate according to The CUT:

1. Nixon calls out Cuomo for not standing up to Trump.

Okay, so Nixon has prepared for the debate, knows her crowd is anti-Trump and knows how to deliver her lines.

2. “Can you stop interrupting?” vs. “Can you stop lying?"

Cuomo is not exactly quick on his feet here. He seems to admit to lying as his defense.

3. Bloomberg-gate.

Here the generally confused lefty makes mincemeat out of Cuomo.


4. The tax return showdown.

Oh, so "Miss Equality" must have some big bucks tucked away from her days playing a bicth on "Sex and The City."


5. Cuomo insisting Nixon is a “corporation.” 

Opposition researchers must have tipped Cuomo off that Nixon has big bucks managed through shell corps but Cuomo is totally clueless as to how to bring the point home against the socialist.

Bottom line: Cuomo does not appear to be that sharp. which is probably what New Yorkers should prefer over the more skilled debater but wacky socialist, Nixon. They are both dangerous but she would likely do more long-lasting damage to the state.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and Target Liberty. 

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