Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Some Urgent Advice For Libertarian Speakers: Protect Yourself

Libertarian speaker protection
By Robert Wenzel

It is getting crazy out there.

Episode 1

An acquaintance of mine just "resigned" from his job at the White House as an adviser.

A news outlet got wind that he had once given a speech at a certain event where five years earlier another individual who is a white nationalist had delivered a speech.

This was enough to launch the lefty attack brigade.

You see the fact that my acquaintance spoke at an event where five years earlier a white nationalist spoke was proof enough for this lefty media outlet to conclude that my acquaintance must somehow be a white nationalist.

There is no record of the speech. Media has no idea what my acquaintance said at the event. I know this for a fact.

Yet, he is now gone from his job at the White House based on that weak reed.

Episode 2

A rapper has made the bizarre charge that Tom Woods is a member of the Ku Klux Klan because he made a speech before some southern group. There is no record of the speech which happened decades ago.

Note to the world: Libertarian professional communicators are just that---communicators. For the most part, we will speak in front of any group that will have us, if it coincides with our schedule (and especially if our speaking fee is met).

More than any other ideological group, because of our small number, we need to speak at any event so that maybe we catch the ear of one person in the group.

I once spoke in Oakland to a group of radical leftist anarchists, probably some in that group are now among the individuals that roam the right versus left events in Berkeley where skirmishes take place. I noticed in the entryway at the group's hangout, where I spoke, a table with black cloth masks on it presumably to be used when needed.

But my speech was certainly not about encouraging lefty black mask battles or really anything else about the beliefs held by the group. I spoke about supply and demand--and I have the tape to prove it.

Tom and my White House acquaintance had no reason to record their own speeches years ago but things have changed dramatically.

I urge all libertarian speakers to personally record any future speeches they make, the Left is coming at us viciously the way power mad groups do and they will be deceiving and dishonest in their attacks. You never know what group they will label a "hate" group in the future and tar you with the label because you spoke there once. I am talking about any group, the boy scouts, the church choir. Protect yourself.

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  1. Bob, How will recording the speech help? A record documents the reality. It's not about reality for them, it's about silencing you.

  2. It would also be helpful for them to buy copies of the Vox Day books: "SJWs Always Lie" and "SJWs Always Double Down". We are waiting for his third book "SJWs Always Project".