Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sen. John McCain is Dead....

We should never forget, even as his body just becomes cold, the many wars he promoted and the many killed in those wars.

And may anyone considering running for public office be reminded that this is the type of man that is honored in death by the central planners and the statist apologists.

From the New York Times:
John McCain to Lie in State at Capitols in Washington and Arizona
Mr. McCain will receive a full dress funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral before his burial in Annapolis, Md.
But God must have a plan: John McCain dies of same kind of cancer, on same day of the year as Ted Kennedy.



  1. Robert, I guess by now you've read Tom Woods' take on this. Yikes. BTW, I had a quiet celebration of my own last night.

  2. "God must have a plan"

    Well, Robert, this is a classic. Made me almost laugh out loud in church. Well said!

  3. It's been a blessed year. We also lost that other war monger Krauthhammer.

  4. Proverbs 11:10 “When the wicked perish, their are shouts of Joy!”
    I am glad he is dead. He was evil. We all know how many suffered from policies he eagerly pushed.
    Thank you Lord, please don’t tary on the other war mongers in Congress that need to go.

  5. I said it when Mandela died, when the whole world universally praises a politician when they die, you can bet they were a world-class SOB.

  6. Thanks for your work USA from Judy fay Zeigler