Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Rand Paul:The Sensible Lunatic?

Noam Chomsky was just interviewed by CounterPunch. Chomsky is full of coprolite on pretty much everything but foreign policy, so I guess Rand should take this comment made by Chomsky during the interview as
high praise:
I’d like to see [Bernie]Sanders come out more and say that Trump is right on [certain] international policies.  I think he’d be [crucified by the press.]  Maybe it’s better for him not to say it, but it would be nice to create public understanding to the extent that if he did say it, it would be welcome.  Why leave it to Rand Paul— a real lunatic—to say, yeah, he’s right to reduce tensions with Russia. Paul is in Moscow right now.  He gave a talk with some Russian official in which he was perfectly sensible.  And, of course, he’s being lambasted for it—ridiculed. They don’t even bother criticizing him, they just ridicule him.
Yes, when a strange leftist, who pays very close attention to the daily news (Chomsky reads five newspapers a day), is calling you a lunatic, it means something. He knows from devouring all those papers that Rand stands alone for small government when it comes to both domestic and foreign policy.

It must short-circuit a small part of Chomsky's brain every time he becomes once again aware that a current U.S. Senator, Rand Paul, can stand apart from the crony establishment and consistently oppose the expansion of the state---from the military end to the welfare end.

In Chomsky's world, such a principled Senator shouldn't theoretically exist.



  1. Sorry Rand you need to brush up on your razor's edge balancing. That darn polarized PC will get you every time.