Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rand Paul Accused of Being a Kremlin Agent

I am not making this up, following Senator Rand Paul's trip to Russia, Tim Faulkner at the major anti-Trump website, The Palmer Report, under the headline, "Rand Paul, Kremlin agent," writes in an upset tone about Rand's visit to the country.

Backed up with information from the warmongering Atlantic Council, he writes:
Julia Davis is an expert in Russian propaganda with the Atlantic Council’s Disinformation Portal, who tracks Russian State Media television. On Monday, Davis sent a series of tweets reporting on multiple Russian TV shows admitting their current love affair with Rand Paul...
If you recall the Russian sanctions bill that passed the Senate last July by a vote of 98-2, Paul was one of the two votes against sanctions.

Last March, the Senate also passed a bill to allow Montenegro to join NATO. Once again, Paul was one of the two “no” votes and blocked the vote for months. If you will recall, keeping Montenegro from joining NATO had long been a priority for Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the Senate vote, Paul actually cited Russian interests saying, “Montenegro in NATO will antagonize Russia while doing nothing to advance US national security.”

Following the Treason Summit between Donald Trump and Putin in Helsinki last month, Rand Paul called out not only the Democrats but also any Republicans who spoke out against Trump taking Putin’s side over that of American intelligence agencies. While praising Trump’s capitulation to Putin, he said anyone disagreeing with Trump was motivated by their “dislike of the president.”
Yes, if you work toward peace and civility between the two great nuclear powers you must be considered an agent of the Kremlin.



  1. You knew this was coming. And we used to make fun of North Korea's propaganda.

  2. looks like the decision to subvert things at full speed is now here and its commonly known that the Idiocracy is now the majority