Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rahmaland: 52 People Shot Since Friday

It's apparently an active duty weekend for all urban primitives in the city where Rahm rules.

Since Friday at 5 p.m., 52 people have been shot, five fatally, in shootings in Chicago, according to ABC7 Chicago.

It's so bad that police said there was a "trauma lockdown" at Stroger Hospital with only immediate family members of victims are being allowed in the emergency room.

"Over the past 24 hours, Stroger's trauma unit received an unusually high volume of patients. At no time did Stroger go on bypass or 'lockdown' its trauma unit," the spokeswoman said. "We are asking the families of trauma patients to limit visitation at this time to immediate family members only so staff may focus on patient care. "



It's up to 63 shot.


Latest count: 11 dead, 70 wounded.


  1. These people are merely 'natural libertarians'. These are the people open borders would attract. But hey, keep believing all races and cultures are equal.

    1. And as usual, its a damn shame America lost some more rocket scientist, doctors, and engineer or two in there I would guess. :LOL: Damn the luck!

  2. Re: He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

    --- These people are merely 'natural libertarians'. ---

    Your assertion leaves no doubt who have no clue what libertarianism means or entails. No wonder - you're a Trumpista. The scum of the Earth.

    The high number of murders is the result of a war on drugs pursued by power-hungry politicians and constant violations to the right of innocent citizens to arm themselves.

    1. @Torres The war on drugs applies across the US. Why so many shootings in this one area? Could it be the inhabitants lack impulse control?

    2. Torres is right about Chicago, but there is more to consider. First you have the drug war, which creates a power center leading to massive profits for those who sell drugs and violence to protect and grow those profits. Second, you have strict gun laws where everyday, law-abiding citizens are easy “marks” for criminals armed to the teeth. Third, you have a public school system that is woefully inadequate. The majority of high school graduates cannot succeed in college and/or are not prepared for the job market. The alternative for many of them is to turn to a life of crime. Lastly, you have politicians and government officials advancing a class envy message that pits the criminal class against the upper and upper-middle classes - the rich. The foundation of this class envy message is racism - the “man” or “the system” (i. e. the rich) are the enemy because their exploitation manipulates people into committing crimes because they can’t go to college, can’t get a good paying job, can’t succeed, etc. I could go on, but these are the main reasons, as I see it, for the violence in Chicago. As someone born and raised in Chicago, I saw what I just mentioned happen. It’s the main reason why I no longer live in Chicago.

    3. Re: PH,

      --- The war on drugs applies across the US. ---


      --- Why so many shootings in this one area? ---

      It's not the only place where you have shootings.

      Try again, Trumpista.

  3. Lab Manager, are you advocating for closed borders between cities, counties and states? It sounds like you believe that free travel by urban-primitives between local jurisdictions is a problem, and that closing the borders would solve that.

    1. Unknown,

      Perhaps Trumpistas will be consistent with making each community an isolated island where autarky is practiced, and bring forth the Communist evolution that Marx predicted.