Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Okay, So Trump Doesn't Play Four Dimensional Chess

By Robert Wenzel

Whenever President Trump has appeared to make a dumb move in the past, Trump fanboys claim he is simply playing four-dimensional chess. That the master is making major deeply thought out moves that few of us can understand.

Yesterday, that image may have been shattered

Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen stated in open court on Tuesday that "a candidate for Federal office" was aware of payoffs that were made to hush women who claimed sexual relations with the candidate. We all know that Cohen was referring to the Stable Genius.

The Left, which includes almost all the media, has impeachment on their minds and indeed that might occur if Democrats gain control of the House after the mid-term elections, especially after the statements yesterday from, as his "close to the Clintons" lawyer calls him, "the new Cohen."

But why didn't Trump at the start of his Administration give Cohen a White House position and keep him inside the tent? Cohen, with his statement in open court yesterday about Trump, was signaling that he is fuming at Trump. Cohen's lawyer Lanny Davis, yes the one who is "close to the Clintons," indicated on Chris Cuomo's CNN show last night that Cohen has more to divulge about Trump.

And Omarosa has become a bit player because of the latest developments, but she is still releasing tapes. Trump could have kept her somewhere at the White House or maybe made her an ambassador to some tiny country. Instead, she is out on network and cable television trying to match Cohen's fury.

Also yesterday, Trump's former campaign manager, the 69-year old, Paul Manafort was convicted on eight felony counts, which means he has to consider keeping his mouth shut and A. staying in prison for the rest of his life or B. hoping for a Trump pardon. Alternatively, he could flip, open his mouth, and start singing, probably in soprano range now, to Mueller and his team.

These do not appear to be the positions you want your players to be in during a high stakes game with the Deep State, despite the fact that according to Alan Dershowitz much is being made of very little. With the Deep State a lot can be made with a little:


It surely is, as Trump regularly declares, a witch hunt but the prosecutor has caught some witches and, at least one turns out to be a singing witch. If there is a lesson to be learned from the Salem witch hunt analogy, it is that accused witches do sing.

In 2017, I wrote:
There were plenty of young girls [during the Salem witch trials] who flipped and singled out others as witches to protect their own lives and there were certainly public officials of the day who thought like Van Jones does now in the present in current vernacular that the current witch hunt is a "nothing burger."

Murray Rothbard discussed the Salem witch hunts in Conceived in Liberty, Volume I.
Now a group of young girls of Salem Village became "bewitched" and began the delightful game of accusing other people--at first mostly personal enemies--of witchcraft...

After the classic pattern of intmidation and informing, reprieve came only if a witch would confess his or her guilt; and the confession was deemed sincere if other people--accomplices--were named...

Too many writers have treated the Salem witch-hunt in psychological terms: child neuroses and mob hysteria The vital point is not the hysteria but the use made of it... a program carried out by the elite of the colony and directed by the lieutenant governor himself, the man whose major aim had long been the exercise of power.

And so, now in modern day, we have Lefties, the media and the intelligence community in witch hunt style actively working to take power away from Trump. They have a very reasonable chance of succeeding. It should be remembered 20 individuals were executed in Salem as witches (and thousands more over time in Europe and the colonies).

Trump is not playing four-dimensional chess, he is playing in a major league power game that requires skills far greater than his street hustler skills.

The Deep State, which includes MSM, is rapidly turning him into the Big Witch.

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  1. If the Democrats sweep the House and initiate impeachment proceedings, on what basis would they impeach Trump? I think it has to be more than "we don't like him". But in this day and age, who knows?

  2. is he even going to run again?
    the democrats will talk big and long about impeachment but they won't actually do it, because it would rip the country apart.