Monday, August 27, 2018

Jordan Peterson’s Conclusion From Talking to Mark Zuckerberg on Censorship

Below, as always, is a clip with some interesting views from Jordan Peterson. However, I wish he was more of a #PPS person which would cause a lot of the problems he sees disappear.

If you look at things from a  #PPS  perspective, for example, the entire concept of "free speech" appears a confusing concept.

Finally, toward the end of the commentary Peterson has some interesting thoughts on closed-circuit cameras and all other automated monitoring systems. Of course, even here a  #PPS would offer unique solutions, but I am happy to see Peterson raises the concern about such monitoring in the current growing statist environment.



  1. Hi Robert, have you tried sending him a copy of your book? BR,

    PS: And why actually not, also Mark Zuckerberg... ?

  2. RW, is there a plan to publish a Kindle edition? For those of us who like to highlight passages and write reviews, Kindle offers some serious advantages.