Sunday, August 5, 2018

It Could Get Crazy in Berkeley Today....

...largely because things will start off crazy and no doubt disintegrate from there.

Amber Gwen Cummings in foreground.
A "No to Marxism in America 2" rally is scheduled to take place at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley.

The event is being sponsored by Amber Gwen Cummings and the organization, Transwomen for Trump.

"There are concerns that the motivation behind some of the Aug. 5 events is to mark and revive violent conflicts that occurred during protests in Berkeley in 2017, both on the University of California campus and in city parks and streets," police said in a statement.

The rally is scheduled to take place from noon to 2 p.m.

Cummings writes at the organization's Facebook page:
This weekend is going to now doubt be a challenge for the people attending Portland events and Berkeley. I ask you of America and people of the world offer up prayers to the people attending these events. These events are very dangerous to those who attend due to the attacks of communist terrorists.
Please give your utmost respect and prayers to the people attending fighting for your freedom against this communist machine. God bless and pray for Portland as they go in tomorrow. Then please pray for the people who follow me into Berkeley to stand against Marxism. Thank you all and we stand with and love you all.
The west coast will be certainly a place to watch this weekend. We stand for you America and we will not bow down to communist terrorism. God bless and we love you all.
And this:
So am I suppose to be scared to stand up for America Antifa LOL? The entire world hates you and your overthrow is going to fail. Your little George Soros and Your little Hero Bill Ayers cannot save your overthrow. Your time of terrorism is coming to an end and the full weight of the federal government is coming down hard on you soon. Your scared, in a panic , and your desperate. Your only move is to try an intimidate.
Not going to work at all and ill keep coming back until your asses are jailed and your little terrorist gang is dismantled. Even if you kill me , it will not work. More will show up in lieu of me. Your going to fail no matter how hard you try , you will fail.
Here's why things could get very interesting: A counter-protest (probably mostly Antifa) is also planned.


Via ABC7 San Francisco:

Sunday's protest by a pro-Trump conservative group that says it is anti-Marxist and an even larger opposition group that says it is anti-fascist resulted in at least 20 arrests.

Also of note, Berkeley police say, at one point, marchers threw fireworks at officers, who responded by throwing back smoke grenades and firing rubber bullets.

This is the second time that protests in the Bay Area have resulted in fireworks being thrown at police.

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