Monday, August 27, 2018

Is Rand Paul a New Target of the Deep State?

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Real Time with Bill Maher:

And notice that simultaneously, Maher says "Yes, dead to me, Rand Paul."

Be careful out there Rand!


(via Jory Rand) 


  1. John Brennan is so full of crap. The establishment is "shocked" into supporting Brennan because they're terrified this will become common. All these a-holes "monetize" their clearances. It costs companies a fortune, and a year or more to get these level clearances for employees. Having a government-furnished clearance is big money.

  2. What a sickening display. Maher and his audience fawning over this criminal. No mention of Brennan lies and that only a few years ago the Dems were calling for him to be fired.

    An attack from the deep state will make Rand Paul wish for an attack from his neighbor.