Wednesday, August 1, 2018

If You Want Israelis to Favor Peace Negotiations, Let Them Trade Stocks

A fascinating experiment.

Sam Winter-Levy, a PhD student in politics at Princeton University, writes in the Washington Post:
Two weeks ago, after Palestinian gunmen killed an Israeli soldier, Israel launched one of the fiercest aerial assaults on Gaza since the 2014 war. The hostilities followed months of tension, including Palestinian rocket fire against Israeli communities and waves of Israeli airstrikes on Hamas positions in Gaza. After three wars in the past 10 years, many believe a fourth war between Israel and Hamas looms. With the peace process at an impasse, the conflict seems intractable.
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(via Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research)


  1. Laughable and pathetic. Stupid, even. Israelis might be more amenable, but I see no such comparable study on Arab attitudes. And such a study will never be done, because it would show the absurdity of its claims. Israelis of all stripes have always been willing to give peace a chance. The Arabs have proven, over and over and over, that any such overtures extended by Israelis to them are met with a hardening of their own attitudes. It's as if the Oslo Accords and the lessons learned have never happened. After 25 years, no one but a few ivory tower academics are buying that BS anymore.

    If one side wants peace, and the other side wants war, that's still war.

    1. Israel has always used naive Palestinian goodwill as a cover to grab more and more land, and then play the victim when Palestinians respond to the theft of their land. The map of Palestine tells the whole story:

      If the Israelis were sincere at all, they would not be establishing more and more "facts on the ground" and they would have built walls on their own territory. The Oslo Accords are a lesson for the world that Israel can not keep its end in any negotiations.

  2. Sheldon Richman's articles on this subject are among the best. Here's a link to his latest:
    "Depopulating Palestine, Dehumanizing the Palestinians"

  3. Shimson, is their peaceful attitude why they passed the nation-state law?

    I'll just leave Jeremy R. hammond's tweet here:

  4. Sure plainlib. Have you even read the law, which is totally toothless?

    Violence and mayhem, presumably peaceful, versus a toothless law. I am obviously confused as to who the genuinely peaceful people are.

    The "Palestinians" (Arabic doesn't even have a "P", so they can't even pronounce their supposed nationality correctly) punish their fellow Arabs with death if they have the temerity to sell land to Jews. In any "peace" settlement, Palestinians can't even abide having Jews live in their midst. That sounds like...wait for it...apartheid.

    Meanwhile, Israeli Arabs are around 20% of the population and quite integrated into life here, notwithstanding laws like the Nationality Law (which I support). There is even an Arab Supreme Court Justice. I wish opponents like you weren't so stupid, but what can I do? I don't choose them.

    1. So where does Israel attacking the USA Liberty fit in with your theory of Israel's appetite for peace?

    2. Talk about stupid! Over 50 years ago.

      Look, it's obvious the narrative pushed is not what happened.

      The Liberty was a spy ship. It was spying. And passing on intel to Egypt. In other words, America wasn't a neutral non-combatant observer. Israel didn't like and attacked.

      This explanation is 100% congruent with the slim facts as we know them. Why else would Israel attack, and why would America whitewash the affair?

      Next question?