Thursday, August 16, 2018

FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones Flagship Radio Station

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


Via The Austin Statesman:

A "pirate" radio station that serves as host Alex Jones’ Austin flagship has been knocked off the city’s airwaves and the Federal Communications Commission has levied a $15,000 penalty that the station’s operators are refusing to pay.

A lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Austin accuses Liberty Radio of operating at 90.1 FM without federal consent since at least 2013. Religious programming was airing on that frequency Wednesday, in place of Liberty Radio.


Via Mashable:

FCC agents managed to trace the station's signal to an apartment block in East Austin, following a complaint, according to the agency's lawsuit filed against Liberty Radio. The FCC has also handed a $15,000 penalty to the station's owners, who reportedly are refusing to pay.

Liberty Radio said on its website that it had stopped broadcasting terrestrially since last December, but still maintains an online stream. -RW  


Alex Jones has denied connection to pirate radio station that was shut down by the FCC.

He claims it is an attempt by mainstream media to continue to paint him in a negative light.


  1. I remember this radio station very well. It operated on and off for years broadcasting Alex Jones and other shows. In Roundrock north of Austin, there is another station, Republic Broadcasting. I lived in Austin for six years and there never was a problem with this "pirate" station. It operated on an empty slot of the radio band and by no means covered the entire metropolitan area. Besides, the FCC is an illegitimate entity far as I'm concerned. This is an obvious attempt by the federal government to silence Jones. it's the next step. My question is, where's Trump? he was all buddy-buddy with Jones during the campaign. Now? The sound of crickets.

    1. I understood that former Sheriff Raymond Frank was once involved with it and helping to move it around. Had you heard anything like that?

    2. No, I didn't know that.

  2. I am not real good with English but I come up this real easy to understand.

  3. Broadcast licensing...socialism at its finest. More alarmingly, it's a scheme that furnishes the government with the perfect means and cover for censorship (under the guise and pretext of protecting the public, of course).

    1. The purpose of licensing is to allocate the radio band. Even if it were a private entity, it would still be a 'governing' rule making body. In other words, would it be different if a private entity sold licenses? Should it be non profit? What's the solution here? Would a non profit entity be just as likely to ban an Alex Jones? I'm looking for answers here libertardians.

    2. The answer is of course homesteading via original appropriation.

  4. this began with the deplatforming of the Daily Stormer, an odious but completely legal website. The fact that virtually no one spoke up gave the "elite" the confidence to continue deplatforming. I wonder when the actual website will be disappeared? Infowars was not the first but it won't be the last. My guess is that Breitbart or Drudge is next. Eventually only officially sanctioned dissenters, like Ben Shapiro, will be permitted.