Friday, August 3, 2018

Former Columbia Finance Professor Wins Lawsuit Against Her Former Mentor; Awarded $1.5 Million

A federal jury ruled in favor of a former professor who sued Columbia University, claiming that the University failed to prevent retaliation from a senior professor who delayed her research and bashed her reputation, reports the Columbia Spectator.

After a three-week-long trial, the jury delivered a verdict in favor of Enrichetta Ravina, a former assistant finance professor who filed a $30 million lawsuit in 2016 against the University and her ex-mentor Geert Bekaert for gender discrimination and retaliation. While the jury rejected all claims of gender discrimination, they found Bekaert liable for retaliating against Ravina for calling her a “bitch,” “evil,” and “crazy” to colleagues.

The jury awarded Ravina $1.25 million in compensatory and punitive damages; Bekaert will pay $500,000 in punitive damages, while the rest will be divided between the University and Bekaert, according to CS.

It is not clear why the research was delayed but this should make it easier for crazy bitches to cruise through dissertation committees.



  1. His problem was mentoring a woman in the workplace. Big mistake.

    1. I mean, unfortunately that will be the unintended consequence of stuff like this. If women as a class are viewed by employers as carrying a potential liability for stuff like this, they will be discounted accordingly.

    2. In a free market, women would be unemployable. But because they have a million different rules and regulations on the books giving them unearned privileges, that is untenable. Men are forced to hire these ticking time bombs who will ruin everything they have ever worked for because they are so emotionally unstable.

      Then they have the nerve to talk about how oppressed they are. The 19th Amendment was indeed a huge mistake.

  2. Men in the college or corporate environment are screwed whether they interact with women or not: if they don't, it's discrimination. If they do it's harassment. That Catch 22 is some catch.

  3. She looks like Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

    ...One is a genius, the other's insane...