Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Emergency Alert

Readers of my EPJ Daily Alert know I like to think about possible different down-the-road future financial and economic scenarios and prepare for them in advance.

It's part of my personality.

The current attack on Alex Jones is triggering my ALERT genes.

The attack on Jones is severe. See:

They Are Nuking Alex Jones: Now MailChimp Bans Alex Jones


The Banning of Alex Jones: It's Complicated.

What really troubles me is that during this attack, Twitter suspensions of Daniel McAdams and Scott Horton occurred and the permanent banning by Twitter of the 24 year State Department employee Peter Van Buren occurred.

This suggests the takedown operation, over time, could go well beyond Jones and there could be little time to react when a takedown is directed at a given player.

I am not waiting around. I am preparing now.

I have set up different methods to contact my readers if things get really bad.

Please email to me at, your email address and your postal address.

I will not use this contact information for any reason other than if I need to contact you and alert you as to how you can find the continuation of my Target Liberty coverage.



  1. If such events occur, perhaps you could pass on the info (with the persons okay, of course)to other sites like LRC, Tom Woods and etc...

  2. I agree this is really messed up, although I think I've made it clear how little I think of Alex Jones in previous comments. I just want to point out one note of clarification. The lefties are currently pissed at the head of twitter because he hasn't suspended Alex Jones. I repeat, Alex Jones' twitter is alive and the head of twitter is defending twitter against criticisms by saying that he hasn't violated Twitter's terms of service so there is no reason to suspend his account.

    I think the twitter suspension of McAdams is something separate. It looks like this has to do with both that the original tweet about eating their faces was against twitter rules, plus the person who complained made this happen. I would bet the suspension of McAdams is merely because he pissed off a twitter employee enough to suspend his account. Remember, he didn't violate their terms but was being very critical of them and has a large following.

  3. Lol. When they truly come after you, your .com will be seized as well and they will deny you access to any top level domain names. Don't worry though, just virtue signal really hard and maybe they'll leave you alone. Also, don't work with others who share your values because that would be collectivism.

  4. No need for you to worry. The attacks are against the perceived "Alt-Right". This is because those guys are a clear threat to the Leftist powers that be, they don't just talk they punch faces when needed. Libertarians just theorize against the collectivists. These times require in your face confrontation right where the point of contact is.

    The arguments have been had, yet it has gotten worse. Now its street fightin'man time, yet the Marxists are getting even worse. Guess what happens next, because it will continue to get worse.

    If the Left has a "by any means, at any price" mindset, and they do because ideology is a religion and they are the rightful high priests, you had better have the same attitude about stopping them.

    I am not an Alt-righter but I see them as the first really effective counter collectivists. Sometimes fighting means actual fighting.

    1. How can statist collectivists logically be an “effective counter” to statist collectivists?

  5. When they truly come after us, we all be dead by morning. No one will know except our families and no one else will care. And there will probably be no grand announcement. They know where we all live.

    Mentioning our disappearance will become a conspiracy theory and most people will be too embarrassed and spineless to suggest a conspiracy theory might be true.

    1. Your insight is chilling Bob and exactly what Russia is always being pointed out for. I know we havent been a republic for generations. Unfortunately it could get that bad or worse.