Sunday, August 5, 2018

CNN Commentator Says Sarah Jeong's Racist Tweets are Not Racist

Sarah Jeong
Symone Sanders basically says you can't be racist against white men.



  1. I've heard that canard many times before. It's nothing more than a dumb rationalization invented by leftist postmodernists and polilogists. Johann Goldberg wrote that leftists want to have their cake and eat it too: they want to pretend that bigoted and racist views held by those who aren't white cannot be bigoted nor racist because of history and context, but whites are racist because they're powerful. Goldberg argues that this is a dangerous argument to make because racism begets racism. Caucasians, being attacked for something not under their control, will define themselves by their whiteness because of these attacks and thus respond accordingly by putting a racist savior in power. Rather than justifying glib racism, leftists should reconsider their actions and consider that all forms of bigotry are wrong, no matter history or context.

  2. The way to deal with this sort of rhetoric is to goad them into really explaining how they really feel and what they really think. Just keep them talking and make sure the mic works. They don't know how to restrain themselves if there is no opposition.

  3. This is why we call CNN and others 'Fake News'. They are unable to honestly report a situation for the reality that is at the time. This c__t is racist needs to be fired. Those who hired her also need to become homeless and die ASAP.

    I'm very proud to be white, though I know most TL readers here are anti white and like having some black males running a train on their wife or girlfriend because they feel bad about being white.

    1. Re: He-Who-Fantasizes-About-White-European-Males,

      --- This is why we call CNN and others 'Fake News'. ---

      Based on what that lady argued? She doesn't work for CNN.

      --- I'm very proud to be white ---

      If you think it gives meaning to your life... sure, why not. Curious that you would be proud of an accident, of something out of your control and not an actual achievement.

    2. Lab Manager’s response shows that both the left and right embrace identity politics now. They allow race to become the movitation behind their self worth and worldview.

  4. What I think someone should ask one of these people on live television is if this means anti-semetism is now okay, since Jews are disproportionately represented in high-power institutions and high-paying jobs.

    Also, can a poor white man now call Barack Obama the n-word because of the disproportionate power they have?

  5. Lab Manager's cognitive dissonance is on full display here. It's truly mesmerizing, how he can excoriate racism and in the same breath exalt in the inherent superiority of his race over other races. Wow.

  6. “Racism is prejudice plus power.” Notice how Symone, and others, conveniently define racism in such a way that they can never be called racist. They think it gives them the moral high ground to Crusade for victims of racism. What this kind of thinking does is make them look completely and utterly STUPID.

  7. Lenin is quoted as saying, with regard to revolution, "First, confuse the vocabulary". Orwell refers to "newspeak" and lends his name to "Orwellian" speech.

    I have come to the opinion that this destruction of language is the key to political evil. And the great source of it all is the government control of both education and the media. I sometimes wonder if even libertarians realize how deeply in trouble we are as a culture. It is quickly becoming impossible to even have an honest debate about facts, let alone values.