Monday, August 13, 2018

CLAIM: "Mao did more good than harm!"

Some people will always fail to grasp that revolution can be a very bad option--even when the facts are in their face.

Keep in mind the Mao fan here, Diane Abbott, is
a Labour Party member of the UK's Parliament and is the Shadow Home Secretary, which means if the Labour Party gains control of the UK government she could become the Home Secretary.
For the record from R.J. Rummel's book Death By Government.
Indeed, from October 1949 to 1987. the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) probably killed more than 35,200,000 of its own subjects. These were "landlords" and "rich" peasants, "counterrevolutionaries: and "bandits," "leftists," "rightists," and "capitalist roaders," "bourgeoisie,"  "scientists, intellectuals, and scholars, Kuomintang "agents" and Western "spies," "wrong" and "bad' elements and often loved ones, relatives and friends.. Even babies. If this seems exaggerated, consider the report of the Minister of Public Security Hsieh Fu-chih, in which he cites the case of production brigade leaders in one rural county who murdered in one day, in ten brigades, all those with “bad" personal or family backgrounds, including "landlords, rich peasants, counterrevolutionaries, bad elements, and rightists and their children, including babies."
All such human beings were sacrificed for the most massive, total social engineering projects ever forced on any society in modern history, including the Soviet Union.
To have attempted to fight such large-scale brutality would have been naive. When something like this occurs, the only hope is to find a way to get out if you are not part of a protected group.