Tuesday, August 14, 2018

BREAKING Alex Jones Has Been Suspended By Twitter

Reports indicate that Alex Jones has been suspended from Twitter for one week.

Jones is also reporting that his website Infowars is limited access because of a sustained denial of service attack. 

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


The news was first shared by an InfoWars personality, who tweeted a screenshot of Jones' Twitter account -- indicating the company limited some of Jones' account features temporarily.
A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot. The spokesperson said the content which prompted Twitter to suspend Jones was a video published Tuesday in which he said, "now is time to act on the enemy before they do a false flag."

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  1. In my view this coordinated deplatforming of InfoWars is election meddling pure and simple. Make no mistake, these attacks are intended to affect the midterm elections. Rightly or wrongly, the "elite" believed that Alex Jones had a not insignificant role in getting Trump elected. Since they are so brazen about it they are clearly panicked and are pulling out all the stops. And they don't care what anyone thinks or who knows. The scariest part is that probably 50% of the American public are totally fine with it.

    Where is Robert Mueller when you need him? This is true collusion to affect the outcome of the elections.