Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bill Maher Blasts Lefties Cheering Alex Jones Censorship

Good for Maher.

Maher's own lefty panel viciously went after him for his position. And before the audience had a chance to understand his position, they applauded the Jones censorship when Maher brought it up.



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  1. Of particular interest (worth particular scorn) was the former Michigan governor Granholm's comment near the end that social media companies "have an obligation" to ensure that their viewers are not harassed. This type of loose talk, a product of intellectual sloth, is what passes for serious commentary in the US. People throw around words like "rights" and "obligations," but no one is every challenged on the source of, and justification for, these "rights" and "obligations." There is barely any real understanding of the world "liberty," but even less of an understanding of Rothbard's point that all rights are property rights. Statists object to the use of the phrase "property rights" since they think it means some rich guy's right to keep his yacht. That they fail to comprehend that the most basic, most precious property right is self-ownership, and that all other property rights flow from that, is a misunderstanding of huge proportions.

    The main consequence of this type of public discussion is that, before too long, legislation gets enacted to give these faux "rights" and "obligations" the backing of the state's armed goons.