Thursday, August 30, 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Taunts Free Market Medical Care Advocates

What does the number of people who favor socialist healthcare have to do with whether it is a sound idea?

There were millions who supported the Nazis, Mao and Stalin, where millions upon millions died.




  1. Plus, Obamacare made medical care much much more expensive for lots of people and certainly did not deal with increasing supply or lowering price. It appears to me that it was intended to fail.

  2. Why wouldn't they? The political class and media avoids any root cause analysis regarding why prices are high. Instead it discusses how to pay the high prices. People are herded into the desired "solutions" for the problems government caused.

    The root cause of the initial government intervention is so remote in time now, more than a century, few if any people bother to learn that far back.

    People believe in the next patch they are told will solve the problem at hand and they latch on to it. They don't understand its patches on patches that advance the goals of the ruling class and will not be good for them.

    Trump or no Trump Obamacare was designed as a step towards more government control.