Saturday, July 21, 2018

Why Did English Become the International Language?

This is why it is generally not important for English-speakers to learn a second language (outside of some academics who want to read works in original languages). For almost any English-speaker, it is really an inefficient use of time when it  is easy to communicate with most in English.




  1. So I shouldn't be pursuing a master's degree in ebonics? Sheeeit.

  2. Well done but don't forget the influence of the English language's mongrel background which has always welcomed useful additions from other languages, adopting them and making them part of the English dictionary. The French have always taken the opposite position, working as hard as they can to erase any foreign influence and eschewing useful additions to the dictionary. The French have shown us a good way to make a dead language. The Chinese, in their Internet "bubble," might be showing us another way.

  3. for hundreds of years England was the dominant power in the world, yet French was the international language. The truth is, English became the default international language because it was the default language of Windows. If you wanted to use computers in the beginning, you had to learn English. When this happened, German, French, Russian, and Chinese couldn't compete. Thank you Bill Gates.