Sunday, July 1, 2018

What I Don't Understand About Border Patrol Checkpoints

The immigrant haters must cheer that this goes on.




  1. Of course, the scumbag Peter King would never put up with anything like what he insists Americans go through.
    RW, in such situations like this or other interactions with the State, whether you believe in “rights” or not, would you be against using the language that the State understands (even if they ignore it) that they are violating a persons rights? Example, I don’t believe in the validity of the constitution, but I can see advantages of pointing out to a government goon/politician that something they may or may not be doing is unconstitutional.

  2. This IS the face of the state that the state-managed borders crowd is advocating for. The state is a very blunt, incompetent creature at best, if not power-seeking and corrupt. The state-managed borders crowd tells us that we need this type of thing to make America more free, which is an argument that practically indicts itself.

  3. Illegal is arrested for starting dozens of fires in Colorado which destroyed 38,000 acres

  4. Terror arsonist start 80,000 acre fire in Fairbanks Alaska and no one is held responsible.