Tuesday, July 17, 2018

WATCH THIS Tucker Carlson On Fire: Carlson on the Attacks on Trump

This is the best Tucker Carlson commentary ever:



  1. Only one glitch. TC tells us that along with Russia, China, the Latin American countries and the Sunni Middle East are all trying to influence our country.

    Notice anybody who got left out?

    Whittaker Chambers talked about digging the Washington DC subways when he ran away from home in Witness. A man who touched the third rail pretty much was good for nothing afterward.

    Oh by the way, anybody care to ask AIPAC for the difference between Zionism and Judaism?

  2. If Trump and his foreign affairs/defense appointees had been rationally and consistently making the case for the end of NATO and less interventionism, it would be very different. Instead you get advocacy for a more costly and effective NATO, continuation of the same US foreign intervention, and a routinely lying petty vindictive always self-serving autocrat head of state.

    Carlson said at the end: “It’s about whether or not voters (63 million ) rule their country ((327 million) ”. Not to libertarians (real ones), those with any regard for the US Constitution and its intended separation of powers, or those opposed to that form of mob rule.

  3. Lets hope that the Putin and Kim summits are the beginning of Trump heading in a much more non-interventionist direction.

    Rand is heading to Russia soon to participate in talks directly. This is an amazing sign. Perhaps libertarians should call the WH and say keep it going.

  4. I'm very surprised Tucker is still allowed on television. How dare he say things that might counter the prevailing orthodoxy?