Monday, July 9, 2018

War at Antiwar: It's Gone Nuclear

Justin Raimondo

— Justin Raimondo (@JustinRaimondo) July 8, 2018


  1. "War at Antiwar: It's Gone Nuclear."

    I hope not. Or that the explosion will be contained with minimum fallout.

  2. Someone wrote a book about how to deal with SJW's.

  3. Never trust a leftist. Raimondo is learning that the hard way.

    1. He trusted Trump, for instance He's learning the hard way,but at least he's learning rather than letting arrogance and crass tribalism guide his thoughts.

    2. No, coward. We aren't going to turn on our best thinkers because you are triggered that shitholers can't overrun the West as easily under Trump.

  4. I've been critical of Raimondo for being a bit naive on Trump, or seemingly blind to some of his faults. That said, he's done more for the libertarian movement than almost anyone and his voice is an important one.

    We're going to have disagreements on strategy, but we shouldn't be trying to purge people, silence them or attack them because of those disagreements.

    Some of us think it's valuable to form alliances with the Right, others would rather create coalitions with the Left. And many libertarians have disagreed about various aspects of the Trump phenomenon.

    I think he's been a disaster overall, but I'm glad to praise him when he does something good. We just have to be more civil and tolerate different voices within our movement.

  5. Is this Angela Keaton person associated or connected somehow with Tom Palmer of CATO? (I see the name in the first tweet)--? The same Tom Palmer who seemed to have a grudge against Tom Woods, and has an axe to grind against the Misis Institute, Austrian Economics, all things Rothbard, and "extreme" paleo-libertarianism---?

  6. You know, Angela Keaton's interview with Thaddeus Russell made me roll my eyes. =/ I couldn't like her after that. =/ Not surprised to hear about this. Sad, but not surprised.